Our Staff

Come and meet our staff team!
As a member of the Christ Church Community, we believe in nurturing achievers who in Jesus' sight are Resourceful, Reliable, Resilient and Respectful.
Senior Leadership Team
  • Mrs Amanda Donelan

    Head Teacher

  • Miss M Shahi

    Assistant Head Teacher & Y1 mornings

  • Mrs L Grant-Jones

    Assistant Head Teacher & Y4 Teacher (Monday & Friday)

Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs J Thornton


  • Mrs A Milward

    HLTA / PPA Cover

  • Mrs H Tacy

    PPA Teacher

  • Mrs R Warwood

    PPA Teacher (Maternity Leave)

  • Mrs A Edgington

    PPA Teacher

Admin Team
  • Mrs A Hanton

    Office Manager

  • Mrs S Jones

    School Clerk

  • Mrs J Buckenham

    School Clerk

  • Mrs Nicola Price

    Admin Assistant/Clerk to Governors

FS2 Team
  • Miss B Manley

    FS2 Teacher / FS2 Team Leader

  • Miss S Cowell

    FS2 Teacher

  • Mrs C Cowin

    FS2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Z McNay

    FS2 Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team
  • Miss I Raraty

    Y1 Teacher

  • Mr A McMillan

    Year 1 Teacher (afternoons)

  • Mrs H Jones

    Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team
  • Mrs L Ashworth

    Y2 Teacher

  • Miss M Hogg

    Y2 Teacher

  • Mrs B Webster

    Y2 Teaching Assistant HLTA / PPA Cover

Year 3 Team
  • Mrs S Dolphin

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs L Radford

    Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Team
  • Miss L McWilliams

    Rainbows Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs R Parrington

    Year 4 Teacher (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

  • Mr P Myatt

    Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Team
  • Mrs S Deeks

    Year 5 Teacher & Behaviour Lead

  • Mr P Longstaffe-Smith

    Y5 Teacher

Year 6 Team
  • Mrs E Lakin

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Miss C Cooper

    Y6 Teacher & 5/6 Team Leader

  • Mrs J Scott

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant

KS2 Teaching Assistants
  • Miss J Harding

    Y4 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Harris

    Teaching Assistant

Child and Family Mentor
  • Miss G Baker

    Child & Family Mentor

  • Mrs L Martindale

    Rainbows Lead

Catering and Lunchtime Team
  • Mrs K Williams

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs C Jackson

    Catering Assistant

  • Miss K Toner

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs G Liston

    Midday Assistant

  • Miss S Ainsworth

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs J Quirk

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Y Hayes

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs A Swinglehurst

    Midday Assistant

  • Ms D O'Neil

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Elaine Collins

    Senior Playworker

  • Ms Kayleigh Mazzone


  • Mrs Edie McClennan


Support Staff
  • Mr G Jones


  • Miss K Guiton


  • Mrs J Illidge