Christ Church (C of E) Primary School

 E-Safety Charter

 The children have created the following rules to help them be e-safe at home and at school:

  •  I will be kind and friendly online
  • I will only play games that are suitable for my age
  •  I will show an adult if I get messages I don’t like
  •  I will only talk to or follow people I know online
  •  I will keep my online accounts and passwords private
  •  I understand that social media sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram require users to be a minimum age of 13 years old

 I agree to keep to the rules when using the Internet as explained to me by my teacher.

 In accordance with safeguarding children and meeting legal requirements, Christ Church School does not condone underage use of social media and is required to report any underage child so that accounts may be terminated.

Please remember to support your children when they are using the internet. There are some great resources available online to educate your children.






There are some e-safety guidance documents that you may find useful in the Computing and ICT section on the 'Curriculum' tab.