Behaviour Management

In the world around them, children see different examples of how people behave.  We have a responsibility at Christ Church C of E Primary School to help children understand that they have choices about how to behave and to help them develop strategies to make appropriate choices.

Our aim within the Christ Church is to create an environment where the children feel valued, safe and motivated to learn.  We believe that positive behaviour and discipline are the foundation of all learning, and without a calm, orderly and loving atmosphere effective teaching and learning cannot take place. 

We believe that children respond best to praise and encouragement.  We must try to find every opportunity to praise children when they are showing appropriate behaviour.

Children learn by example. Teacher and parents have a responsibility to set a good example as well as ensuring that rules are followed.

Mrs. Sarah Deeks is our SEMH/Behaviour Lead. If you have any questions about our behaviour system, please contact her via:

The school office (01516775152) or

E-mail: .


Class Charts:

We use a system called Class Charts which is based online to log all Behaviour incidents and to add rewards. This system enables students to be rewarded for all aspects of their school life, visually seeing the progress and being able to interact with this online. Parents recieve a log in for class charts and can access the system to see their children's progress.


Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Snowdon,  Everest

The children are split into the above houses. They receive a token for displaying citizenship within our school.  Below are a some of the ways you can receive a token:

· Show good manners and politeness.

· Respect and look after the school equipment.

· Take responsibility around the school.

· Listen to others and respect what they have to say.

· All work together towards a common goal.














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