Christ Church Primary School, Moreton


Christ Church CE Primary, Moreton is an outstanding church school.


The focus of a SIAMS inspection is on the Christian vision and resulting provision of the school as a church school. It also looks at the quality of collective worship and RE. The principal objective of SIAMS inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school.

SIAMs 2016:

“Pupils have a developing understanding of Christianity as a multi-cultural world faith through their charitable support….”

Our charitable giving this Academic year (2022-2023) is:

  • Children in Need— £303.19
  • Poppy Appeal— £569.41
  • Race for Life (Cancer Research UK) - £1168.70
  • Elf Dash (St John’s Hospice) - £1302.55

Our school community also collected for Wirral Foodbank and Charles Thompson Mission as part of our Harvest celebrations.

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SIAMs 2016:

Festivals from other faiths are celebrated on a regular basis. These enrich the pupils’ worship experience and further promote excellent cultural cohesion ….”

To show how inclusive we are and how we value friends from other cultures, we always send well wishes to families who celebrate different festivals throughout the year!

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SIAMs 2016:

“They are challenged to see the relevance of Bible stories and scripture in their lives today ….”

The children use scripture to help them understand how Jesus would want us to live. A weekly scripture focus is sent out to families so reference can be made at home too.



SIAMS 2016:

The best of lessons inspire pupils to fully engage in deep learning through enquiry and reflection…”

We have developed a culture of spiritual enquiry and children are encouraged to ask ‘big’ questions. These are placed in their class wonder boxes. Classes will then explore the questions and will draw on experiences, scripture or even the RE leadership team for further support.

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SIAMS 2016:

Community cohesion is well enhanced through a wide variety of community-based activities …”

We are proud of our community links with:

  • Christ Church Parish Church
  • Family Pack Project
  • Harvest Court Residential Home
  • Charles Thompson Mission
  • Wirral Foodbank
  • Chester Diocese
  • CDAT

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Please find attached our latest SIAMs inspection report.

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