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Science is a core National Curriculum subject and an essential element of a full, rounded education for every child. We teach science because it is a means to understanding the physical, biological and chemical world in which we live. Science work must be practical and investigative. Our aim is to enable our children to think like young scientists as they use and develop the full range of science skills in ‘working scientifically’ –(employing the five methods of scientific enquiry).




Our long-term science plan ensures coverage of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. Science work is contextualised wherever possible, built into wider, cross-curricular topics throughout each year band.

Science will be taught regularly where possible, and may also at times be taught in blocked weeks to ensure full coverage.




We will ensure that we allow children to use the five ways of working scientifically across the science topics in each year band. This will be monitored by the science lead teacher using our assessment sheets and in staff meeting time allocated to sharing good practice. The assessment sheets (located in the science folder in the staff shared area) will focus on key science units as detailed in the long-term overview. They will also record which children are working at ARE, below and above ARE.

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