Science at Christ Church CE Primary School

Science has regained its status as a core subject! A vital part of our curriculum, it teaches our children to understand the world around them and nurtures their natural curiosity and inquisitive minds.

 Our science curriculum focuses on children learning scientific facts as they think and act like scientists. They will develop central scientific skills: enquiry, observation, prediction, investigation, measuring and evaluation. (This is all referred to as ‘working scientifically’). At ChristChurch we aim to make science work as practical as possible, taking every opportunity to enable our children to develop these skills.

 Content of Science Curriculum:

Our science topics are derived from the three specific areas of chemistry, physics and biology. Topics are revisited as children progress through the school to allow learning to develop and deepen.  See section ‘Christ Church science topics’ for content.

 Cross-curricular links:

Cross-curricular links are very important to us in order to add coherence to the children’s learning experience.

 English - Speaking and listening: Children use science as an opportunity to develop their scientific vocabulary, ask questions, present information orally, engage in discussion and debates and develop their reasoning.

 Writing - Science offers many opportunities for writing, including explanations, reports, journals and evaluations.

 Reading - There are many opportunities to access science literature: information, reports, experiments – in books and on the internet.

 Maths: A natural link, with the multitude of data and measuring involved.

 ICT: Using computers to collect and record data; the use of sensors for example; presenting information clearly; for websites, programmes and apps; to simulate science experiments. The internet is invaluable for research and information.

 Geography: links include seasons, weather, plants and habitats.

 Art/Design Technology: Developing drawing skills; diagrams supporting understanding; DT- testing scientific ideas and applying these; for example in food technology and product design.

Here are some web links to support science work in school:

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