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At Christ Church we aim to offer high-quality teaching and learning to develop the reasoning skills of all pupils and foster a positive approach to Maths. Through an inclusive and collaborative approach to Maths teaching, which allows adequate time to understand and discuss key concepts, we strive to build children’s self-esteem and confidence in the subject.

Differentiation in Maths is consequently through depth rather than acceleration, allowing all our pupils to achieve their potential and at the same time not putting a ceiling on their learning. Furthermore, this approach encourages the child to take ownership of their own learning.

We also value the importance of children’s number fluency and will ensure there are timetabled opportunities to practise, for example, arithmetic, times tables and number facts.

We want all of our pupils to develop a love of Maths, challenge gender stereotypes and make learning fun and relevant by using technology, transferring Maths skills to other subjects and using real-life contexts to teach skills.




In order to ensure uniformity, high standards of teaching and learning in Maths and depth of reasoning, the Maths No Problem approach is utilised in Years 1 to 5. Foundation Stage follow ‘Development Matters’ in order to prepare the children for Year 1, and year 6 adopt an approach tailored to individual needs, in order to be secondary ready.

The Maths No Problem approach ensures progression in reasoning and number skills and a uniform teaching approach, using the same models across the years. The approach follows the Concrete Pictorial Approach and provides opportunities for all children to progress at their own pace.

End-of-unit Maths No Problem assessments are carried out in years 1 to 5, to identify gaps and any intervention needs. Year 6 carries out assessments at least half-termly, or at the end of a teaching unit, depending on the group (the children are set three ways according to ability).

All year groups carry out Maths lessons daily, with extra arithmetic sessions being planned in, to ensure there are opportunities for fluency. Year groups 1 to 5 have separate arithmetic books and plan in the equivalent of at least one hour of arithmetic practise per week. Year 6 have an arithmetic starter at the beginning of every lesson.

The TT Rockstars program is used from Years 2 to 6, to encourage independent learning and practise times table facts. Teachers set up tournaments between classes and year groups, to add excitement and motivation.

The SATS companion program is used in Year 6 to identify gaps in learning and provide opportunities for precision teaching and interventions. Extra teacher-led interventions are also carried out with small groups of year 6 children five times a week to narrow any gaps, and a group of higher achievers receive small group teaching twice a week, to provide further challenge and aim for greater depth.

Each year group sets appropriate homework for Maths, to encourage independent learning.

“Maths Buddies” are used at lunchtimes: year 6 children who during their lunchtime help children in year 3 (who have identified gaps in their learning) practise arithmetic skills, such as number bonds and times table facts.

Parental involvement is expected: there will be open lessons, to which parents are invited, so that parents are aware of the strategies being adopted and can support their children at home. Additional parent workshops will be arranged as required, according to the needs of individual year groups.

Staff professional development will focus on pedagogical knowledge, peer coaching and further Maths No Problem support, depending on the needs identified during monitoring.




Christ Church will maintain its good end-of-key stage outcomes, aiming to stay in line with Wirral, and striving to be in line with national figures.

All children will become more confident and resilient with regards to Maths, able to apply their strong arithmetic skills and strategies to solve challenging problems. Children will talk positively about their Math

All teachers will be competent and confident in all areas of Maths teaching and will be able to provide and receive feedback within peer teams. Teachers will understand Maths progression across the school.

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