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PSHE and Citezenship


The intention of the PSHE curriculum at Christ Church CE Primary is that children can develop their skills, confidently exploring their personal, social and health education in a safe and child friendly forum.  Children are encouraged and supported to express their own views and make informed decisions, creating positive citizens in their community and in the wider world. We help children grow in confidence and give them opportunities to celebrate themselves and form healthy relationships rooted in respect with those around them.  We plan lessons that promote awareness of everyone being different and that this makes us special and unique.  We want children to feel free to be themselves and be confident in their life choices.

We strive to embed the skills of collaboration, listening, speaking and writing to enable children to use and apply the knowledge and confidence they have developed in their lessons.  Staff lay the foundations for them to develop personally, socially and form healthy attitudes to life and in their relationships. The PSHE curriculum also provides children with the knowledge to help them navigate and contextualise the world around them.


Our curriculum is designed to show the children’s progression through regularly taught lessons. Children link their learning to their topics or RE value for that half term.


We follow the ‘Goodness and Mercy’ and “Go Giver’s schemes to ensure coverage and progression across the school. All our children have regular, weekly PSHE lessons that are timetabled.  At Christchurch CE Primary, we approach the RSE and PSHE in a faith-sensitive and inclusive way, seeking to understand and appreciate the differences and afford dignity and worth to all pupils, families and the wider community




Throughout EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2, PSHE is delivered through a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum and the expectations. Health, Relationships and Sex is planned for using the ‘Goodness and Mercy’ and ‘Go Givers’ schemes of work, which cover the statutory Health Education and Relationships Education guidance. 


Teaching staff use the PSHE curriculum overview that has been created by the PSHE leads and staff then link this to their Year group topics and themes, so that the curriculum in interlinked for the best possible coverage and outcomes.  Weekly timetabled sessions result in progression across all year groups, covering all aspects of PSHE and therefore preparing children for life, helping them understand themselves and to be respectful of others, how they fit in with Modern Britain and encouraging them to have healthy habits and relationships.


At Christ Church, in addition to Relationships Education, we also teach aspects of Sex Education this links heavily to our Science Curriculum. Alongside the scientific content, we also teach children about different types of relationships and how these may look; this is because it is important that our children have an understanding of the diverse world they live in. We use ‘Goodness and Mercy’ to facilitate the teaching of Sex Education and this is also supported with texts, which are child-friendly and age appropriate, these aid open discussions where all contributions are valued. ‘Goodness and Mercy’ and the texts are resources that are inclusive of the Christian Faith and work alongside the RE curriculum so children have a wealth of information that is clear but also supportive of their beliefs. 


PSHE is planned for half-termly and is linked to our RE values. As well as this, all year groups have timetabled lessons exploring British Values, so children know how our country works. Throughout the year, there are themed weeks such as Anti-Bullying and Diversity, which allow children to explore PSHE further. The schemes of work used have been tailored, adapted and put in place to allow for progression.  The PSHE Team monitor PSHE through a collection of planning, work samples, pupil voice, and drop in lesson visits.  The PSHE Team also look at photographic evidence on social media plus an class floor books, so that each class teacher can add in their evidence.




The aim of teaching PSHE is to help children to become informed about their decisions and beliefs and give them confidence to grow through life in a respectful and accepting way.  It is about them knowing right and wrong and when to seek help.  Mutual respect underpins healthy relationships and knowing that even though others may not share your opinions and thoughts, it is still important to listen and show kindness.

The teaching of PSHE is a forum for supportive discussions that are age appropriate using tools to deliver well planned and thoughtful opportunities that help children to see their role in the world and how others are different and how this is a point to celebrate these differences. 

We want children to leave Christ Church as citizens of the future who will nurture the world they live in and put their Christian Values first, guiding them to make the right choices no matter how hard it may seem.  We want children to be healthy and we see the whole child development as the most important part of our jobs in school.

PSHE has a huge variety of links to the whole curriculum and is the starting block for so many lessons and activities.  We are shaping our children to carry on their education and giving them the best life chances we can and it all starts with PSHE.  Readiness for life is the key, and at Christ Church, we are passionate about delivering this!

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