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Art and Design

Art and Design

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Our vision in Art and Design is to foster a passion for creative expression and responses, where all children feel safe and confident to achieve their own artistic potential. We will motivate and encourage all children to utilise their knowledge, skills and understanding to create and produce high quality work which knows no boundaries.

We recognise that our children need to grow in confidence, self-belief and adopt our strap-line of I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  We aim to give every child the chance to shine and feel proud and have their work valued and appreciated by their peers and adults. We will do this by show-casing their work within school, the wider community and eventually exhibiting their work in Williamson Art Gallery. Parents are valued and invited to share their children’s achievements and will be welcomed to join in with art open lessons as well as parent/child art therapy sessions to foster a meaningful, enjoyable experience.

We have identified that there is a need to deepen the children’s art & design knowledge on a broader spectrum and to provide them with key terminology that they will be able to use with confidence. With this in mind, we want to broaden the children’s experiences of a variety of artists from a wide range of cultures, race, gender, nationalities and time periods in history. The children will be exposed to a range of stimuli when embarking upon a new art/design project.  All staff will be able to follow an art & design process that ensures coverage and an immersion in the art/design topic. 

Whilst we recognise that we want to expand our children’s creative expression, we believe that it is vital to establish a secure foundation of skills which will include correct pencil grip, colour theory knowledge, spatial awareness and confidence and observational skills.

Teachers are following a whole school art and design process to ensure consistency and to enable each child to become thoroughly absorbed and exposed to an in depth creative journey.





Subject Leaders will monitor the effectiveness, processes and outcomes through observing displays, sketchbook scrutinies, pupils discussing their art/design journeys with peers and subject leads to facilitate. We will also ask staff to share best practice throughout the year, so that an informal ‘coaching’ system can be adopted. From this, we will ensure that each key stage is covering the necessary knowledge and skills.

Our whole school art journey for a piece of work should include:

  1. Stimuli (artist/piece of art/photograph/object/piece of music)
  2. Background (wash/printed/collage)
  3. Design (sketchbook/moodboard/pencil outline)
  4. Media (paint/textiles/pencil colour/charcoal)
  5. Finish (outline/layers/combine)
  6. Presentation (final piece- mounted/displayed/in books/shared online/parents invited in/art competition)

Our whole school DT journey should include:

  1. Present the problem- (contextual/linked to text or topic/local/global/environment)
  2. Research- what is happening now? Market research-questionnaires in locality/at home/school etc –on-going
  3. Product design (sketchbook/moodboard)
  4. Proto-type construction- check scale and proportion- will it work? Gather feedback from peers/families and review
  5. Final piece- make the product
  6. Presentation (share with school/parents/community)
  7. Evaluation- does it work? Did it fit the brief? How would you do it next time?




Our Art and Design curriculum fosters creative expression and confidence, allowing each child to feel empowered and valued.

In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • A reflection on skills achieved against the planned outcomes;
  • A public celebration of learning which demonstrates progression across the school- a board which is constantly updated with a range of work from FS2 to Y6;
  • Pupil discussions about their learning; which includes discussion of their thoughts, ideas, processing and evaluations of work
  • Sketchbook scrutinies
  • Monitoring display of children’s work in corridors and classrooms

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